You Can Design Funny Tshirts With Promopays

By Andy Flores

There are many times in one's life when he/she thinks of a funny picture or saying that would look good on a tshirt. However, most people have no real idea how easy it can be to turn that thought into a reality. Anyone can design funny tshirts with Promopays custom design tools and order any number from one to a million.

This company has a wide assortment of shirt styles, colors, and sizes from which one can choose. The process of designing is simple. Their tool features a large number of logos, and pictures that can be placed on the shirt and customized with whatever words the customer wants. They even have a more advanced tool that lets one draw the designs completely from scratch.

Promopays does not hire anyone else to do their production work. They have many different screen printing units in house. Some are automatic while others are operated manually. This provides the needed flexibility to handle orders as small as one shirt up to any number the customer wants.It also assures consumers that they will stand behind the workmanship of their process and see to it that the customer is completely satisfied with the finished product.

Most people believe that one has to order a large number of shirts to be able to create a custom design. This is no longer true. If one thinks of a funny saying or drawing that he/she would like to put on a shirt, all he/she has to do is visit the website and choose the type and color of shirt desired, then create the design and choose the ink color(s) to be used.

One may simply wish to have a single shirt imprinted with a funny saying or picture for personal use. However, if later more with the same design are desired, it is possible to reorder and rest assured that the next run will look as good as the first.

Not every community has a screen printer available locally. The internet has made it possible to place an order and have it delivered directly to the consumer. It also allows one to see exactly what the finished product will look like before any ink is actually applied to cloth. This guarantees that the customer will receive exactly what he/she envisioned.

The company provides all the tools needed to design funny t-shirts with Promopays. They also feature price break points at different shirt quantities. This allows one to order a few shirts for a specific event or function. It also means one could order several shirts and then resell them if he/she wants to try to make a profit.

It is one way that one could start his/her own business and/or obtain free advertising by offering the shirts as a premium gift for customers. The options are almost endless because the company offers hundreds of fonts for printed words as well as thousands of items of clip art in different categories that can added and customized. Anyone can now design funny tshirts with Promopays.

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