Staying Healthy By Following The Hierarchy Of Needs

Staying Healthy By Following The Hierarchy Of wants

Staying healthy may be a requirement of maintaining AN
added stress-free life led to by complications.
In the event of AN sickness or illness by germs and
unhealthy living, we tend to ar then sweet-faced and served with a
level of incapability in bound levels like not
being able to perform at our greatest. It is then
important to grasp the character of our physiological and
psychological must maintain our state of staying
healthy. The hierarchy of wants that was initial
defined by patriarch Maslow in 1943 as a writing in his
publication Theory of Human Motivation o.k.
explain the steps during which we should always undergo to
achieve a state of well being.


The first step in staying healthy is to be able to
obtain the fundamental things that our body must
function within the correct manner during which our body was
designed to be.

Some of the items that someone must begin
attaining and staying healthy is by having the ability to
provide the self with correct respiration, food, water,
sleep, excretion, and therefore the like.

Among all things, this is often maybe the foremost general and
common commonplace for human existence during which AN
absence of those would result to outright sickness and
complications on the opposite areas of wants of the human


The next level of would like that the body wants is that the
safety of those physiological elements from external and
internal stimuli which can cause them to malfunction
or disfunction. These internal factors embrace the
germs and bacterium that invade our bodies and create
havoc in our physiological processes. External forces
may be any of the environmental objects which can cause
a threat to our whole being.

Safety of the body is required once having the ability to
provide an equivalent with the mandatory starter
supplements. Keeping the body safe from hurt and by
keeping a correct sort of hygiene would positively facilitate
in maintaining safety of the body.


Love is that the affectionateness and concern received by the self
from the various social constructs close him.
Staying healthy would additionally would like a sort of affirmation
and care from the others as we tend to ar social creatures. A
lack of correct affectionateness might cause complications in
the next 2 higher levels of wants, going towards the
psychological space of existence.

Love might not invariably be the romantic love that one
seeks, however rather the love of simply being accepted as
an individual with a definite temperament.


Esteem needs to be the specified result of the individual
after the immediate acquisition of the previous side
of love. someone with esteem is also able to do additional
things on the far side his noted personal limit. It manifests a
person’s can to fight and therefore the urge to hold on with
things to beat challenges. Sometimes, esteem is
based and keen about the individuals basic cognitive process in him.

Self realization

After all the previous physiological wants are
met, the ultimate and most significant would like of self
actualization is needed. The psychological would like of
self-actualization is required to settle and solidify
the four different levels of wants of each individual. In
this side, the brain is that the focal and dominant
factor in holding all the opposite four along to
achieve physiological state. notwithstanding however capable the body is
to do healthy tasks, if the mind is unhealthy, then
everything else can deteriorate afterward.

Staying healthy by following the Maslow’s hierarchy of
needs is a necessary step by step wants assessment to
stay centered on what ara’s of existence are most
important to be earned absolutely initial before continuing
to future in achieving an ideal state of well

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