Why Won't He Say I Love You? 3 Possible Reasons Why This Is

You want to hear him say those three words, I love you, but for some reason, it doesn't seem like he is ever going to say it. You don't want to come right out and beg for him to say it, but you DO want to have him say those three words sometime soon. What could be the reason why he hasn't said it and does that mean that he never will? This article will explore three possible reasons why he might not feel comfortable saying I love you to you, even if you want that more than anything else.
Here are 3 possible reasons why he won't say I love you:

1. He just doesn't really feel that way.
Of course you know that this is a possibility, but you probably don't want to think about it being the reason why. You don't want to admit that the reality is that you might feel that way about him, but he might not feel that way about you. And if you think he must feel that way because he likes to fool around with you, you might want to think about that again. Just because he likes to fool around, that doesn't mean that he is in love. Hopefully this is not the case for you and for the guy that you are dating, but you do have to realize that it might be the reason why he just isn't saying I love you to you.

2. He is afraid to say it because he is afraid that you don't feel that way.
If you haven't told him that you love him, then he might be afraid of being that guy who tells his girlfriend that he loves her only to have her say something benign like, thanks. You might want to inspect yourself and see if you have been able to express the way that you feel. Sometimes you can get into this game where you feel like he has to be the one to say it first, but it might be just as good for you to be the first one to say it.

3. He is waiting for the right time.
Some guys are romantics in their own way, and as a result, saying I love you has to occur at the exact time that they think it should. If this is the case, then you might just want to wait things out a little to see if he has a perfect time already in mind for him to tell you that he loves you. You might feel like you are sitting on needles and pins waiting for him to say it, but all of that anxiety will probably be relieved the moment that he does.
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