cream ellezza is the best for skin care


is all natural face cream with a single key ingredient of this type: a protein called Helix aspersa which is secreted by the snails. Snails have an amazing ability to regenerate cells at an incredible speed, once the tissue has been damaged. Although regeneration capacity Ellezza Known for centuries, scientists have only recently discovered that due to protein production Helix aspersa and when applied to human skin has amazing healing and rejuvenating effects similar snails.


When used daily after cleansing, in just 4-6 weeks may disappear ELLEZZA blemishes and scars, reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, reduce the incidence of acne breakouts and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, creating healthy and youthful appearance. ELLEZZA says no side effects from the use of the product and is ideal for everyone: men, women, children and babies. It has been used in Latin America for years and has gained popularity around the world after completing her debut on television.

cream ellezza and side effects :

These strong statements that make ELLEZZA no side effects and is safe to use even in infants. Sounds too good to be true. However, we have not seen or heard of complaints of side effects. Our only "concern" is that there is no evidence or scientific studies available on the efficacy of Helix aspersa protein and anti-aging effects in humans. Although there are "before and after" showing a significant improvement in the appearance of scars, acne and wrinkles. In addition, additional active ingredients found in ELLEZZA (vitamin E, allantoin and aloe vera) are all natural substances which are known to heal and soothe the skin. All ingredients, including Helix aspersa work together for hydrating and nourishing the skin, while the activation of the regeneration of damaged cells.

What's more is that they offer a free trial of the product and all you pay is shipping. From ELLEZZA sold to $ 89.95, it is good to be able to try before you invest a lot in it. This also shows that the company has confidence in the effectiveness of your product.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information about ELLEZZA. It seems very useful for the skin and glade to know that this does't have any side effect.

    Alison Clarke
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