What Is Love Or Above And How Does It Work?

Every once in a while a product is released which gains instant popularity. The latest it would seem is the Love or Above toolkit by Christie Marie Sheldon.
That's why in the following article we'll discuss what Love or Above is, how it works and why it may be of benefit to you.

What Is Love or Above?
Love or Above is a spiritual toolkit for helping people to raise their energetic frequency (vibration).
If you already understand the concept behind raising your vibration then you already know what the Love or Above spiritual toolkit was designed to do!
In case you aren't aware "raising your vibration" is a term used commonly in the Law of Attraction circles and basically means to raise your state of consciousness.
The toolkit is essentially an online coaching course where members are taught how to raise their level of vibration by Christie Marie Sheldon.

Who's Christie Marie Sheldon?
Christie Marie is an intuitive life coach and development mentor with over 15 years experience in her profession.
To date Christie has already managed to help thousands of people from all corners of the globe raise their energetic vibration, achieve more in their lives and generally live a more fulfilling life.

How Does It Work?
To the best of my knowledge the main engine behind Christie's development of Love or Above was the initial research of Dr. David Hawkins.
It was due to the extensive research of Dr. David Hawkins that the map of human consciousness was developed. This was a simple chart which could be used to identify a persons energetic vibration.
As a result of his findings David predicted that as a whole (an average) a person is only reaching one fifth (1/5) of their true potential!

Christie Marie used the research of Dr. David Hawkins as well as her own extensive research and knowledge to develop the Love or Above toolkit.
The "Love" is simply a milestone on the map of human consciousness. Christie aims to get each client to the Love milestone or above.

I have always strongly believed that raising your vibration can have a positive impact in your life.
It's important to note though that the Love or Above toolkit isn't a miraculous life changing gift in a box! I like to look at it as a tool which can help you in developing as a person.
There are certain habits and negative influences you'll need to overcome. It all takes time but any change that has a positive outcome is a change worth working towards.
If you would like to learn more on "raising your vibration" then please click here.
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