Be Your Own Health Care Provider

Something has been bothering me for a while now. My wife is sick of me talking about it because she feels the same way I do. I am just "preaching to the choir" when I talk about it to her. So I decided to just write a letter (blog) so my thoughts are on paper or, in this case on the web.
I want to talk about is Cancer and its treatments, conventional and unconventional.
I have come in contact with several people lately that have cancer or they know of someone very close to them that does have cancer. Each of them are going through Chemo Therapy and Radiation. This is the only procedure besides surgery that is recommended by most doctors today. As you know Chemo Therapy and Radiation is a very painful procedure with so many deadly side effects.

What the Chemo Therapy and Radiation procedures are trying to do is to kill the cancer cells. Did you know that you can fit one trillion cancer cells in the head of a pin? It is daunting task to kill all the cancer cells. In the process of trying to kill the cancer cells the Chemo is also killing healthy cells. This procedure damages your immune system which is vital for your body to survive.

The radiation procedure is also trying to kill the cancer cells. It too is very damaging to healthy cells. I was just speaking with a co-worker of mine who recently lost his wife because of cancer. The radiation caused his wife's chest to be a piece of burnt flesh. He feels the radiation caused his wife's death.
Why am I mentioning these facts and story to you is because the majority of the people today think this is the only way to fight cancer. They have been brainwashed in thinking Chemo Therapy, Radiation and Surgery is the only way to fight cancer. The Chemo Therapy is a Trillion Dollar business and I will leave that fact alone for you to digest.

I am writing this to tell you that there are excellent alternative ways to fight cancer.
While I was preparing for a presentation on Cancer last summer that I was going to give in front of a group of ladies who have cancer, I came across some interesting new facts. A close friend of mine shared this book about cancer, which opened my mind to so many more possibilities for dealing with cancer. I was so impressed with the content of this book; I purchased a copy for myself and possibly to share it with someone I care about. The title of the book is "Outsmart Your Cancer" by Tanya Pierce. Tanya goes into deeply 21 ways to outsmart your cancer. The methods she discusses in her book are non-toxic ways that targets the cancer cells not the healthy cells. Tanya provides a CD with her book with testimonials of cancer survivors using these alternative methods.

I highly recommended everyone to read this book "Outsmart Your Cancer" even though you might not have cancer. If you know someone who does, you can use this knowledge. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their doctor and family will be strongly convincing them to use the conventional way to fight the cancer but, after reading her book they will have other weapons at their disposal to kill that cancer.
Let me get back to my co-worker's wife case. She was a RN in a local hospital where I live. I shared this "Outsmart Your Cancer" book to her in hoping that it might open her eyes to other alternatives. What her husband told me after her passing was she didn't think the book was going to help her and gave the book to someone else.

I think her cancer originated from her colon. She had a very difficult time with her bowel movement. I suggested an alternative to laxatives and don't think she gave it a chance to work because it has worked for everyone I have recommended to. Everyone should have a good bowel movement at least once a day. If you don't move your bowels consistently, you're setting yourself up for so many health problems.
My wife and I are going to continue to recommend this book "Outsmart Your Cancer" to all the people who will listen to us even though our society has been programmed otherwise. Cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. This is due to our diets today and our exposure to chemicals such as pesticides. I will leave that discussion for another time.
It is time to self educate ourselves and not rely solely on the professionals when it comes to our health. Be your own health care provider.

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