What Is the Best Way to Get Your Girl Back?

What is the best way to get your girl back and win her heart? You regret hurting her and you wished you could take back what you did and have her back in your life. You would do anything just to get her to come back to you.
Of course it won't be easy but it won't be impossible either. If this is what you really want then the best way to get your girl back is to follow these simple steps.

Apologize to her
First of all, you need to apologize for your mistakes. You may be thinking "right now? But she might bite my head off!" Yes, the sooner you apologize to her the better because you may not get another chance to talk to her because she may want to keep her distance for a while. True, she may not forgive you right this instant but at least you did your part and you showed her you were man enough to own up to your mistakes. That's going to count for something and she's going to remember that.
Admitting that you were wrong also shows her that you've got guts because it's not an easy thing to do. It shows that you're not the type to let your pride get in the way and she'll know that you value her enough because you're willing to swallow your pride just to give her a sincere apology.

Stop contacting her
You seem unsure is not contacting her is a good idea since all you want is to be near her. But right now, she may not want to see you much less hear from you. You've hurt her and she may not be ready to talk to you yet. You need to give her time to deal and give her a chance to miss you. If you have been a great boyfriend (despite messing up but hey, we all make mistakes), then she won't forget you so easily. Besides, if you keep contacting her when she obviously doesn't want to talk to you then you're only succeeding pushing her away.
Being bombarded with phone calls and messages is no fun especially when you're trying to get your emotions under control. If this happens to you, won't you feel annoyed and angry that the person can't give you a moment of peace? That's how she would feel so you need to step back and let her breather otherwise you will lose her completely.

Focus on yourself
You miss her and you want her back but you can't let the breakup rule your life. She's not going to want to come back to you if all you could do is mope around your house and feel sorry for yourself. Pity parties won't get your anywhere. You need to focus on yourself and find out how you can improve yourself and your life. That way, when she sees you, she'll be more than impressed to see a new and improved man. Your confidence is back and she's suddenly reminded of the man she once fell in love with.
What is the best way to get your girl back? You need to play your cards right and try not to push her away further. Focus on improving yourself and give her a chance to miss you.
I want to help because I was just like you not too long ago.
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