Getting A Girlfriend - Can Geeks Find Love?

Let's face it. Getting a girlfriend can seem hard for shy guys like geeks. After all, geeks look like nerds that aren't street smart and are boring and add no spice to relationships.
But you might be surprised that girls don't see geeks the same way as guys do, and the truth about how they see geeks can really surprise you. After all, haven't you seen totally mismatched couples holding hands on the streets before?
A geek with a beautiful girl perhaps? That's enough proof that a geek can have no trouble getting a girlfriend if he knows how girls think about geeks.
So what are those truths that a geek knows about getting a girlfriend that you don't? Here are 3 of them.

Truth 1 - Looks Aren't All Important
It's true that a guy who looks good stands a better chance at getting a girlfriend compared to another guy who's not as good looking. However, what's really true is that while looks are important, they aren't the most important when it comes to getting a girlfriend.
Successful geeks know this, and that is why they succeed.
In fact, even if you're a geek, you'll stand a good chance of getting a girlfriend just by keeping yourself clean, and reasonably attractive in certain ways.
Be original, and be yourself. You're more attractive than you think you are, and being the real you is the best gift you can give to the girl of your dreams.

Truth 2 - Geeks Are Smart! Period!
Let's face it. People will call you a geek not just because you look like one, but because you're incredibly smart too! And that my friend, does play a great part in attracting women.
These days, many attractive women also have brains they can be proud of, and they are in need of smart and intellectual guys they can spend time with, not just a pretty boy.
One of the needs of women is to be able to relate to their partners at their own level, and geeks can stand out in that area.
For example, smart girls these days love to use big words to relate to their partners, and geeks, being good at words, can come up on top in this area, impressing the most beautiful girls.

Truth 3 - Geeks Have The Innocence Women Love
For some reason, the aura of innocence surrounds geeky guys, and that innocence seems to sit well with lots of women.
And because geeks spend a lot of their time in their intellectual pursuits, women are happy to take up the challenge to show them the way to their hearts. And usually, these geeks are happy to be led too.
What's more, most girls believe that geeks are committed to the relationship once they fall in love, and are not tempted to stray away from it. Simply put it, they come across to women as more faithful than the regular guys.

Of course, there are other attributes that girls do see in geeks, but the above three are the more common ones.
So if you think that getting a girlfriend will be difficult because you're a geek, think again.
With such advantages that you have over the other guys just by being a geek, you might want to start learning the ropes to getting a girlfriend for real.
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