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Atkins diet includes vegetables as well as proteins and fats

A recent study compared the power systems based on elements other rates low in fat and low in carb, Atkins followers secure system power for a long time that the system of low-carb diet may help the heart.

The study found that took place mentioned in the "Internal Internal Medicine" magazine, that whatever the plan pursued by the Mtbau regime, they see an improvement in the low risk of heart disease, while demonstrating the followers of a diet low in increase HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol is "useful".

Recently spoke with Dr. Eric C.. And we dealt with the change of diet and what many do not know about plans low carb diet. The following is the text of the dialogue between us:

* What is the difference between this version and the previous books, which were issued on Al Atkins?

- During my career, I realized that most people do not know that the plan "Atkins" - and that is precisely the purpose behind the new book, which tells the readers of books on the scientific background of "System Atkins'. And the new in the book that people know they have been able to follow the system in many different images. This system is characterized by a degree of diversity and flexibility than widely believed. For example, did you know that you can follow the "Atkins" diet vegetarian?

* I am convinced that many people are not aware of this. So what is the general opinion "Atkins" and why offend people understand this system?

- From "Atkins promoted to eat good food habits and health system. The idea is scientific basis that these types of foods do not raise blood sugar too. System Dar 'Atkins always a good source of carb, proteins and lipids. Everything I try to explain in the book that the "Atkins healthy diet.

I think the prevailing view on the "Atkins" see it depends on the meat and bacon. This has helped to promote the idea that the media always want to provoke discussion. There is also a plant element for those who do not want to eat food of animal origin. Those who follow this system of eating seafood and fish. And can enjoy a lot of different protein sources - such as chicken, fish, cream and cheese.

Eat your vegetables and misunderstandings related to the "Atkins" this system does not include vegetables, and a no-carb diet. In the book, we address this issue directly, and emphasize the need to eat vegetables. In fact, vegetables are the basis on which the "Atkins" system.

* Has there been a change in that direction since the publication of the book "Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution in 1972?

- I still have the availability of vegetable element. Were identified restrictions on carb to 20 grams a day at least. The system includes "Atkins" in his new novel scientific information associated with the index measuring the percentage of sugar in the blood and reduction of fines for fiber, which is not addressed by Dr. Atkins. We worked to update this element so that you can take more vegetables reduce fiber fines.

* The book is about the basic "vegetables. I do not remember receiving this idea in the first book, what is it?

- In the original, do not consider these vegetables a name book, people thought that a diet without vegetables. The term vegetable "essential" to any non-starchy vegetables, such as asparagus, broccoli, okra, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Those who follow this system eat the equivalent of five cups of vegetables and paper. And sometimes people are following this system and say "This is more quantity of vegetables that throughout our lives.

* I remember an old regime requires a limited amount of causes carb the body to enter into a process called "ketosis" ketosis. Is this still part of the system?

- In the first part, remain 'ketosis' ketosis (a satisfactory increase in vehicles) because it is unchanged, but it is limited. We send Dr. Atkins on how to reintegrate carbohydrates. The focus was on this point as representing a diet to lose weight, not a healthy life forever. I think the problem is that in 2003, during the period of the awakening of the "Atkins" system, many people follow this system and they extrapolated Atkins.

and many of these people in my office and tell me they do not eat vegetables and they were ignorant of the next step they took, and that is precisely why the emergence of a " Atkins "in its new guide us to the way of re-absorption of carb on a regular basis based on the metabolism (metabolism) body. It is known that some people might compatibility with eating large amounts of carbohydrates, while it is difficult for others and show sensitivity to her organs.

Accept carb

* How do you know if the human body is not receptive or sensitive to carbs?

- Is this the right way to get to know, by weight, reflecting the weight of water weight and body fat weight and muscle weight. And some people are aware of these things through the cravings that beat them by eating carb.

If began to eat a piece of candy and you can not stop and found yourself in the desire to eat more, however, continue to be hungry, it means that you have the desire to carbohydrates. The doctor can measure blood glucose and insulin inside the clinic as more formal medical judgment. But can this question tracers given the weight of his body and the urgent desire to eat.

* New Developments

* Why do you think such a big controversy about the low carb diet system?

- Actually, it's complicated. We carry the description of a "Atkins diet plan that is rich in fat. Some have told us over the last 40 years, the intake of fat by dieting is harmful. Now, fat is more harmful. The element is an emerging shift in thinking about carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and health - and those things change takes time.

According to the "Atkins' new system, we say that our new friend is fat. In fact, we try to make what looks like a propaganda campaign in favor of macronutrients that nobody wants to talk about. Fat intake in the diet, which is followed by a not necessarily mean the accumulation of fat in the arteries and the groin area, a belief in the United States. If I traveled to Europe, you will notice they do not seem sensitive to the idea of ​​fat. In fact, this involves a lot of thought American parochialism. What drew my attention to my colleagues outside the United States do not show this intense fear to the cholesterol in the blood, and not resort to describe many statins.

* How scientific ideas have changed since the death of Dr. Atkins a few years ago?

- No science (it) is present in the life of Dr. Atkins, but the evolution and now reached that impose indiscriminate nature of the experiments were subjected to severe restrictions. The evidence suggests that our possession now there's no real relationship between dietary fat and health damage that can be exposed to. We do not baptize to promote a way to follow, so that people are different and what works for one does not necessarily suit another. If there is what we have learned over the past four years, is a low-carb diet or Atkins directed should be treated as a proper viable option. People should be able to eat this way if they wish, and in particular to themselves the position of defender of this desire for a long time.

* Do you think it is possible that someone addicted to carb?

- Science has just begun to study the patterns of food addiction. It should be noted that most people are not aware of their particular style of food dependency, such as steaks, which are unable to stop. But most people know someone who is unable to stop eating carb.  I think this idea holds some truth in it. At the local level, many admits to eating particular, but the science is still in the first phase of his quest to understand this.

Atkins diet includes vegetables as well as proteins and fats

- There are more than ten years, and we found that we through scientific forums to seek the views and the results are similar. We have become all supporters of Atkins. As a result, the company has asked us "Atkins Niotrychenz" a book on the subject.

* Do you know Dr. Atkins?

- I met him on several occasions. I visited his clinic. And sent him a letter, he would. After a brief conversation, I told him: "Where is the flag? I read your book, but it is devoid of science, but based on oral testimony. And he said: "Come visit my clinic. I did not have to study I at the time I know what are the results? ". In fact, I visited his clinic and I was already successful. I had no idea about the controversy sandwich me, when I was still naive.

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